Lastest Update

The site was launched in back in April 2012 and our first ‘Meet the Buyer Day’ was in the following July.  

Since this date we have had 9 ‘Meet the Buyer Days in total which includes a ‘Christmas Meet the Buyer Day’ that we had in January and our latest day which was 8th April. 

We have received over 2000 applications since the launch date and have met with over 600 suppliers resulting in listing over 100 new suppliers to Booths. 

See comments from our latest Meet the Buyer Day 

My thoughts prior to the day were of something that would be clinical and cold, and would be difficult to put my proposals forward. However, having now experienced the day, I must say how well organised the day was and welcoming, friendly and warm all the staff were.

 Yes, 15 minutes is restrictive but it gives everyone a fair chance to meet the buyers and have a chance to present their products. My perception has somewhat been changed!” 

If you have a product that you think should be listed in Booths, fill in the application form.  Our next Meet the Buyer Day is 30th July.

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