The Buying Team

Our buying team is relatively small but our specialist buyers are experts in their product categories.  The buyers are supported by a strong team of category managers, buying assistants and stock controllers.


Nigel Murray

Chief Operating Officer

John Gill

Head of Marketing & Trading

Simon Drury

Category Buying Manager and for Edible and Non-Edible Grocery and buyer for beverages

Terry Johnson

Category Buying Manager for Core Provisions, Frozen Foods and Licensed/Kiosk

Carla Mills

Category Buying Manager for Produce, Meat & Fish

Sunil Chapanery

Category Buying Manager for Food Out of Home & Meal Solutions and Buyer for Cafe’s


Alan Kirby

Cheese, cabinets desserts, butters, fats & pastry fats, milk and cream

Victoria Anderson


David Simons

Fresh fish, beef, lamb, pork and poultry

David Morris

Fruit & salad and prep fruit & salad

Rachael Machin

Toiletries, hosiery, tissue, household and laundry

Tom Hargreaves

Vegetables, salads, prep veg & prep salads and horticulture

Rebecca Bektas

Pet care, baby, medicines, outdoor, toiletries, hardware and paper

Emily Burr

Seasonal gifting, confectionery, crisps/snacks/nuts and gifting & flowers online

Alice Crawshaw

Counter savoury, chilled cabinets for snacks & pies, free from, vegetarian, kosher and salads/fillings/dips/olives and cooked meats

Ellie Jones

Counter chilled patisserie, hot counter, counter olive & salad bar, cabinets lunchtime

Haris Deane

International foods, condiments, free from, long life milk, oils & vinegars

Andrew McDermott

Tinned soup, fish, veg (incl dried veg),meats, soft drinks and cereals

Melisa Lazali

Preserves, biscuits, tinned fruit, ambient desserts and home baking

Simon Drury

Category Buying Manager and for Edible and Non-Edible Grocery and buyer for beverages

Keith Parkinson

Bakery/cakes/bread, chilled pizza, chilled ready meals, chilled ready to cook, chilled pasta & sauces

Leigh Carr

Chilled juice, stationery, publications, kiosk, all frozen products

Pete Newton

Beer & cider, spirits & liqueurs and tobacco


Caroline Catterall

Supplier Relationship Manager

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