Northern Pasta Co.

Describe your business and your customers
Northern Pasta handcrafts delicious, artisan Spelt Pasta, based in Kendal, we champion British Regen Farming.
Our pasta has just two ingredients, flour & water, with no hidden nasties, it tastes incredible, with a unique texture which holds onto sauces, because it’s lower in gluten, it’s easier to digest for many.
Sustainability is at the heart of our business, we use no plastics and are proud to operate with solar power.
We have a loyal community of pasta lovers, who tell us that once you try Northern Pasta, you simply won’t compromise for anything else.

When did you start supplying Booths?
We were part of the Booths accelerator program during Spring 2023, and started supplying Booths around nine months later.
Why did you want to supply Booths?
Being a proud Northern business, it was a motivation for us to secure Booths as a stockist, to increase awareness for our small but mighty brand.

Describe the supply relationship with Booths
We work hard to meet the needs of Booths, with a natural, handmade product, we’re at the liberty of how much we can make, always!
What are the challenges to supplying Booths?
Similar to the above, our biggest obstacle is how much pasta we can make, so making things come together on a small turn around is our biggest challenge.
What do you need to do to stay in Booths?
Communication is key, maintaining a positive relationship with your buyer, being proactive, suggesting ideas and going above and beyond to make yourself heard.
What advice would you give to producers wanting to supply Booths?
Small steps every day towards the business you want, manifest, and plan ahead.

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