Booths Partner with Gridserve

Booths have partnered with Gridserve, the company behind the UK’s first electric forecourt, to open a forecourt shop in Braintree, Essex. Gridserve have plans to roll out a UK wide network of over 100 Electric Forecourts across the UK to deliver the electric equivalent of a modern petrol station.

Gridserve’s doors opened to the public on 3rd December 2020 and Booths are supplying a range of 500 products including wines and spirits, prepared meals, international foods, food-to-go and bakery in a 3,000 sq. ft forecourt retail shop. WH Smith, Post Office and Costa Coffee will share this retail space, staffed and run by WH Smith. It will be the first time a wide range of Booths branded products will be available in a retail format in the South of England.

Booths COO Nigel Murray said, “Booths have been developing a multi-channel brand growth strategy. Developing our business to business sales and investing in our manufacturing capabilities is part of our core strategy to grow the brand. Working collaboratively with longstanding and emerging brands like WH Smith and Gridserve helps developing new markets where each brand plays to their strengths.”

“We’re excited to work with Gridserve and WHSmith to deliver on our one simple aim – to sell the best food and drink available, in attractive stores, staffed with first-class assistants. As a family-owned retailer with sustainability baked into our core, we couldn’t think of a more fitting opportunity to continue our journey into the south of England.”

Toddington Harper, Founder and CEO of GRIDSERVE, said: “Our UK-wide network of over 100 customer-focused Electric Forecourts® will eliminate range and charging anxiety by making it easier and cheaper to charge an electric vehicle than to fuel a petrol or diesel alternative. The UK’s first Electric Forecourt®, represents so much more than an electric equivalent of a modern petrol station – it will deliver a fully loaded customer experience, offering the Best of British retail and customer service to cater for a full range of consumer and driver needs.”

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